Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The importance of clear presentations.

Last class we took a look at many different presentation software that is available online for free. Most notably and

We talked a lot about what separates great presentations from presentations you have to sit through. I think that I am a pretty good speaker, but what can I do to become an even more effective presenter?

Well, most of my presentations are already pretty zen in their appearance but I think I must focus on the speaking and being more prepared, not my usual wing it approach. Taking time to plan out the ideas more clearly and maybe even rehearse a time or two might help out a lot. I never do the rehearsing because you can't rehearse an improvisation. It is my preferred method of working, I can't honestly say if it is because I'm lazy or I actually work better that way.  

The second bit would be to focus on the handouts. This is surprisingly a part of presentations that I have never focused on. I tend to talk, show fun pictures, and make jokes, but in the end my audience is very likely to forget anything that I may have been talking about. A more detailed summary of the information and points in conjunction with my presentation would really put it over the top I think.  e 

I have a presentation on Saturday, I will give it a try then!


  1. I am similar to you Igor, I tend to improvise a lot of what I say during my class on a daily basis or during a presentation. I do not consider myself lazy, I actually come up with better material when I am winging it. But, to be honest, there are times when I reflect on a lesson or presentation and think, "I could have done that better". I agree that a little more preparation and practice could go a long way. I will also try to step up my game for Saturday's presentation. Let's knock their socks off!!....or at least try to pull their socks like 50% of the way off....

    1. Yeah, 50% sounds good for me. Maybe if we work together and present back to back we can slip off those socks all gentle like. haha

  2. Ya, I found you are such a good speaker in Joanne's class. Sometimes it feels like a hassle to prepare handout for me, but as you said,audience tend to catch up theme but miss details. I can't wait to see your presentation again!

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  4. As an introvert, public speaking is anxiety provoking for me, and surprisingly, despite the attempts to get comfortable by practicing, I still always feel like I have 2 left feet when in front of an audience. I think concentrating on staying in the moment and also alleviating some of those inevitable awkward silences is key, as well as, all of what you've mentioned above.