Thursday, February 5, 2015


When we did the googling activity on the first day of class the information that immediately popped up didn't embarrass me so much as disappoint. What I had was a string of accounts registered under my full name that were bare and/or out of date. The overall effect was not to present me as a professional who is currently active.
My initial attempt to create a digital footprint was in college to create a name for myself as an artist. Mostly for the same professional reasons you would do it as a teacher. That career path didn't pan out but stands as a reminder to those good ol' college days.

Do remedy this I have begun to delete the accounts of services I do not use and take off the images that I don't particularly want displayed on the web. Unfortunately the search archives the results and displays the dead links. It seems that the answer is to start creating more new content to over shadow the old. This means either picking up my old blogs and adjusting the content or creating even more visible websites and blogs.
I figure as long as the results don't dredge up anything incriminating I don't have to rush it.

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  1. I suspect that even if you delete those accounts, the information will still show up in searches. Having a past that can be found is not a bad thing. Creating a future (that includes that past) is what I feel we should be doing. You do some really great work. Post it online, keep blogging, and you will see the digital footprint that is a positive representation of you and your work.