Friday, February 6, 2015

My favourite class

My favourite classes are usually with the younger kids. Grade 3 students. Although teaching older students can be more interesting, with the materials the younger student are learning it is much easier to see progress and feel good about it. Also, I like singing with a bunch of kids and for most of my Grade 3 units I have a relevant song paired to help them with the vocabulary.

I think my favourite lesson is the weather lesson because it has the coolest song. The kids usually love to sing it. After a few days they can sing it by themselves without music or assistance. 

Sunny, Sunny, 
Sunny, Sunny, 
It is suuuunny in the sky, 
S-U-N-N-Y, Sunny, (letters spelled out)
It is sunny in the sky.

This song can have any number of verses with different weather conditions. Windy, rainy, snowy, foggy, hazy. You have to be clever to get it in rhythm. 

The song is great because it teaches the spelling of the words and the answer to the target question of "What's the weather?" I also use hand gestures to indicate the next verse. These gestures are invaluable in prompting struggling students later on. 

I really like it because as a lesson I can begin with showing pictures of the weather, then introducing the sentences, and solidifying this knowledge with a great song. After having done this most students will correctly answer what weather it is. That's what we call results!

If I had to admit, I would say that my other lessons simply aren't as well planned or executed. If they were they two would be my favourites. This is how I know that even with the years of experience I do have, I know nothing. 


  1. Hi Igor-
    It reminds me of a lesson I liked to do with little whippersnappers back in the day. We would stand up, touch both hands to the top of our head and say, "This is my head, these are my ears, this is my nose, these are my eyes... all the way down to the toes." It's a great way to get kids to 1)be active 2) learn basic body parts, and 3 distinguish between singular/plural verbs. At the end of this, we would usually go over the days of the week, then the months of the year. If it sounds like rote learning, it is...but it's fun and effective.

  2. I do not have much experience teaching kids, but with the experience I have had, I have never sang a song. Kudos for you for having that skill. I think singing songs is an essential method to teach kids. I do not have a good singing voice, and I dread the Korean singing rooms, so I guess it is best that I stick to teaching adults.

    1. Oh rest assured, my voice is garbage and I have no tune at all. The only time I allow myself to even remotely enjoy it is under the influence of children and, other stuff. haha