Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blog 7: My thoughts on the best tool introduced in the EDUC932 course

There has been a plethora of tools introduced. Productivity tools like EverNote I have begun to use right away. I also started using f.lux the very first day I heard about it. Prezi is an exceptional presentation tool which has some very unique applications. But for me there are two things that are truly standout. Unfortunately these things have been around for a while and it's just been my stubborn apathy that has kept me from using them. Google Docs, and Twitter.

Twitter, where do I start? I thought twitter was for dim people who sought to lap up the dim musings of celebrities. Now I recognize that to only be a part of the twitter community. I've been shown that intelligent people too work hard to share and learn from from each other via this platform. For showing this to me and forcing me to start using it I am grateful.

Google Docs too seemed very elaborate and difficult to wrap my head around. I needed a crash course and a twist of the arm to really appreciate the versatility and wealth of the possibilities this software opens up. Having a smouldering resentment for the company has really hampered my uptake of their services. I'm pretty think like that.

Along with the software it seems this course has forced me to face my own senseless stubbornness when it comes to technology. It is definitely something that I have to get over. Maybe I'll twit about it. ;)

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